Beach Boys’ Mike Love Recounts The Amazing History Of The Band In His Latest Book Goo


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Mike Love of the Beach Boys has a provocative biography out called “Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy” in which he dives deeper into what it was like for him growing up and his experiences as a Beach Boy.

As a founding member of the Beach Boys, Mike Love has spent an extraordinary fifty-five years, and counting, as the group's lead singer and principal lyricist. The Beach Boys, from their California roots to their international fame, are a unique American story -- one of overnight success and age-defying longevity; of musical genius and reckless self-destruction; of spirituality, betrayal, and forgiveness -- and Love is the only band member to be part of it each and every step. You can hear an excerpt of one of the chapters of his book here at: 'Mike Love Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy Teaser - YouTube.

What devoted Beach Boys fan wouldn’t want to know more about one of their favorite bands? You can find the book at Penguin Random House Books online here: (Hardcover, AudioBook or eBook) , Amazon here: (Kindle, Hardcover or Paperback Book ), Walmart here: (Hardcover Book) or Barnes & Noble here: (Hardcover Book).

Mike has also decided to surprise fans with a song that is perfect for this Holiday season! He is giving his song, “You’ll Never Be Alone On Christmas Day” away FOR FREE over on Noisetrade here: [url][/URL],