Basically the first thing I've ever made, any suggestions?


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Interesting. You had me going for a second with the organ and the Doncamatic rhythm track. Very effective when the real groove kicks in. I would use a few different synth patches, and you might want to look at decluttering the mix, volume and EQ-wise (I’m not saying change the arrangement). Good job.



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I really like what's going on melodically, but I kind of agree with rhythmgm about the synths. It's all opinions, but I'd try replacing the synths or editing them for a while to see if I stumble on anything I like even more. But if you're already in love with the synths, I wouldn't touch them. As far as EQ-ing goes, I guess some elements are hard to make out, but I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't read rhythmgm's reply.

Also, I think I would have put this track in the "Rap, Chill Rap, Boom Bap, Trap, Dirty South, etc" section.


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A couple of quick thoughts:
1) I really liked your ideas and the hook was pretty strong. To my ear, it had a Phrygian Sort Of vibe which is really good for exotic sounds.
2) A challenge as a listener was that there wasn’t a strong focus on particular elements... it got difficult to discern what your central focus was and when it was being prioritized in the song.
Suggestions: when looking at sections of this song, I’d encourage you to ask the question of what part is the most important and begin to reduce the volume, filter, or take out parts that are competing in for the same Spotlight. Adding some variety with supplemental percussion and effects can also help a listener pay attention. You may also benefit from combining realistic and synth tones- sitar and melotron strings could be used to good effect in this arrangement. Nice job, overall! Keep up the great work


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