Background elements in sample making it unusable?


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Have any of you ever had the problem of having a sample that you couldnt use because of background elements? Most of the time with me I want to chop something but when I try and put it in a sequence it messes up because the background sounds like percussion and sound fx dont flow. Do any of you have some tips on somethings I could do?


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Yeah, like Remo said, you have to mess with your EQ and filter out sounds. Sometimes you may find parts of a song where they drop the drums, or drop the other sounds or vocals and you can get a good sample chopped out. Just gotta listen to the whole thing and make it happen.
Sometimes those little elements you get are good too, they give character to the sound.


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Good post. Can any experienced sampler explain the frequencies that you need to cut in order to remove bass and percussion and to make the vocal stand out the most.



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Im not a expierenced sampler or speller,lol,but bass lies with in the lower end of the spectrum as does the kick (most of the time) and snares and hit hat are in the middle and in the higher regions as is the vocals so your gonna have to do the best you can but it won't be completely gone however it will be fain't if done correctly from there you can make your own drum pattern and layer the hits together,shyt by the time the beats near completion you won't even be able to tell...we'll you might but knowone else will.Just don't pull what they did on G units beg 4 mercy album titled "lay you down"


80khz and to the left (lower) are where most of your bass frequencies reside. Though bass does recieve its character in the mid ranges. But the bottom end is usually around 80 for drums and lower for bass instruments.
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