Audio Interface Question


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I'd like to know the best low-cost ($150-250) audio interface option to use for my PTs 10HD (10.3.5) setup. I just need 2 inputs (line & mic). I have a Mac Pro 5.1 2010, 6-Core, OSX 10.9.5, ATI Radeon HD 5770 card, 16G Ram.

The Apogee Rosetta 200 Converter has been suggested, especially for a step up in recording quality & plugging it directly using the Mac's rear Optical ports, I just want to ask some of the experts on this forum since I have been assisted here in the past.

I tried hooking up an Mbox2 Pro, but couldn't get PTs to recognize it, even tho' it was showing up in the firewire listing & my ILok was showing up in the USB listing in the System Report. After uninstalling & re-installing the drivers, trashing prefs, etc, I later found out my particular MBox2 Pro is not compatible with PTs 10 HD.

Any help would be greatly appreciated~!