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All I gotta say is....
I made hundreds and thousands of beats that people give me compliments on with FL Studio for like 5 years now....and I've had my Ensoniq Asr-X for about 3 years....

I usually always make beats on FL studio just for reasons to do with storage and also the tempo control being more precise than the asr-x's....

but tonight(and many other random nights) i pull out the asr-x and it feels like i have a secret studio weapon stashed away waiting to make beats on that will change the world! haha

basically all the matter how well chopped and layered with FX and perfect pinpoint loop timing for hours and hours till i break my back(litteraly have back problems from messin with ****in FL Studio on computer all day its bull) are....just not healthy sounding!

the asr-x wins hands down! OMG this thing amplifies the sample and makes it sound heavyer than a cadillac.

fl studio is like 24 bit or some of that new "cutting edge" ****...the sampler in FL studio does not make the sample sound better thats for sure. if anything it either leaves it the same but most likely it makes it thin and just not analog like a 16 bit asr-x.

i would like to see more people use REAL eq because making beats on things like FL studio ruins the game.

this might sound like a superstition type thing to say but i can't stand the timing of beats made on FL. i heard some DL4 or whatever the **** those guys are called with that song laffy taffy and i instantly recognize and sense the timing. the hi hats just dont sound healthy. it actually feels like its bad for my health to hear beats that way.

when i heard this beat i made with my asr-x i felt like i just got high off some chronic caniibus cub weed instead of some weed that was cured with poisonious chemicals and stepped on. haha

all i did was plug the cord into the my computer input into the asr-x and randomly turn on a herbie hancock 1972 record and press sample..within the first second of playin it thru the box it was preset on some kind of reverb or chorus and it basically took my herbie hancock album and got it high off the asr-x FX. it put it on steriods.

i sampled the drums from impeach the president into the asr-x and just put some other FX on it to give it the true hip hop boom bap sound and i didnt have to do anything else. it came out finished out the box. didnt have to break my back trying to loop **** that you know should loop better for hours...**** with FX that just don't work....and come out with amateur sound.

so what im trying to say is get one of these or a mpc and stop using weak eq if you have talent. theres people with talent that use FL and i can hear the bad 24 bit tone of the sampler and the weird timing it has on the radio and it needs to go back to good music. haha
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shhhhh, don't let too many cats find out about this. keep this **** a secret.


have you ever tried ABLETON LIVE?
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no just the FL studio used it and use it solid for years now. is it worth checking out ableton? i think i just stickin to drum machines from now on(software is like messin with bad drugs....drum machines are like hydro bud haha)

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i got the black one...sometimes i want the red one so bad for the tempo control...but i heard the black one has something better about it has a good timing or it doesnt crash as much. i really dont care...i think its the bomb.

i just heard your myspace beats lving dead...they are uncanny. your the first person in a long time if ever to really get me impressed by making that certain really dark heavy sound to your beats.

i ran into some money...which for me is like a once in a lifetime thing so i am setting up a studio this year 2009 and actually taking my music to the full level.

i got the drum machine already. i might get a mpc 60 or a sp1200.(i know expensive ****..but i got the money i think)

but i was thinking that after i have that stuff all i really need is records to sample...and a moog synthesizer! or a theramin....

people really need to step up the hip hop game and start making beats using a theramin. watch the end of this video to see hehe

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

The Screen Savers: History of The Moog Synthesizer

if the link doesnt show up type in on youtube:

"The Screen Savers: History of The Moog Synthesizer"

i wanted to get a red one for the "xplode" chopping feature i read about online....
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B Unit, not all the ASR-X Pro's have the xplode features. It does exist, because out of two ASR-X Pro's that I have owned, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on "the one" that had the Xplode feature and was able to extract samples from a cd-rom digitally through SCSI. It pretty much worked like Recycle. The MPC 2kxl has this feature. I used it once or twice, but it was more of a novelty then anything of use to me.
For one, it auto-chopped for you, without giving you any option like the MPC to select start and end points between each slice. There were other experiments I tried to figure out how exactly the machine determined how it chopped. I believe it may have been a fixed algorithm.
What I can say the O.S. solved was any time glitch that others may have experienced with the X Pro sequencer. The timing was tighter and the ASR "Delta" quantize and "human" swing templates provided a flavor I felt brought out the ASR engineering.
One deal I must mention is that it did not have the 4.0 O.S. that was scheduled to come out, but the beta version, so some kinks I discovered had to be understandable.
While I don't have the ASR-X Pro anymore, my main sampler is the ASR-10, and I will always have a bias for Ensoniq gear.


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I rock the EPS classic and I totally agree. Theres something about working on hardware that most software cats will never understand. Yes software gives ur music more possibilities as far as options go but I prefer to just get down on my EPS.

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B Unit said:
fl studio is like 24 bit or some of that new "cutting edge" ****...the sampler in FL studio does not make the sample sound better thats for sure. if anything it either leaves it the same but most likely it makes it thin and just not analog like a 16 bit asr-x.
I just had to catch this. The asr-x is digital. Plus, the "analog" sound, or "warmth" that alot of these older samplers have sounds very digital, just not accurate. That's not a bad thing, i'm just not a big fan of the comparison.

Anyway, glad you are happy. I use Reason more often than not but when i get going on my ASR 10, i just can't get that feeling in software, and ensoniq has some of the best sounding samplers out there.

It's kind of ironic reading this post because i was talking to someone who was asking me about a post they had read online about someone who moved from an mpc 2000xl to a 1k, to FL, purely due to the more accurate timing. We both got a laugh because we rely on the inaccuracy to get a better feel, even though it isn't us.


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Do you really think the FL sampler can reduce the quality of the sample?

If you sample a song into the sampler and put the volume and velocity to the max it seems to be the same

otherwise, it seems to render a "thin" sound

I've often wondered if FL really has a thin, plastic sound

I also have an ASR X Pro which I love for it's sound. The problem is I prefer to sequence some stuff on FL. Maybe I will learn the ASR better and try to use it as a standalone sequencer.

But do you think, with a good quality interface, you would be able to record the ASR's warmth and import it into FL without any loss of quality?

^sh!t bugs me out...I always question whether it would be cool or not


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does anyone have any beats up that they made on the X?...I just wanna hear some i have one but i really use it...i just need to sit down and take the time to learn it