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The owner of Diy Music Biz is launching a podcast called "The Diy Music Biz Podcast" and is willing to feature/answer everyone's questions on his show

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What podcast's are you guys following?
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This is good idea, If I may put my input you should make a episode about online marketing with a budget of $500-$1000 for the startups. I wouldn't mind collating on that episode swell for my channel!


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You might want to contact the guy directly, I don't think he reads these comments. i've emailed him a few times, he's very approachable.


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Here's a question : My music was online and I took it down because major label artists were listening to it and incorporating my musical ideas, words, creative content, story line, and some parts of my melodies. Is there anyway I can prevent this from happening again? How can I reveal my next creation in a way that more people hear it? I want people to be inspired, but I also want some of the money all these "artists" made off of my ideas.
Please give me some advice! thanks


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Intent is hard to prove. In other words, people often have the same/similar ideas at the same (or nearly) the same time. So you'd have to prove access to, and intent to steal, your copyright-protected material...

BTW, you did file for copyright protection with the Library of Congress, right? U.S. Copyright Office