Arturia Minilab (MKI/MKII) vs Novation Launhkey Mini


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HELP IN DECIDING: Arturia Minilab (MKI/MKII) vs Novation Launhkey Mini


I'm going to purchase a new mini keyboard for on-the-go composing and I have not been able to find the answers to my question/s anywhere on the internet.

I already have the Alesis V-mini, which is great because of it's portability but it leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of features.

So I boiled my options down to 2:

1.) ARTURIA MINILAB (MK I or MK II depending on what will be available where I live).
-Mod and Pitch bend controls
-sustain pedal support
-Clickable knobs

-I [can but] most likely won't be utilizing all 16 knobs based on my workflow.
-It may not be as well integrated with Ableton live vs the Launchkey Mini.

-16 pads (pads seems more fun in terms of playability).
-Integration with Ableton is super enticing.

-No pitch bend and Mod controls.
-No sustain pedal support (big deal for me).

I need help in deciding.

I am primarily a Presonus Studio One (3) user and sometimes I use Propellerhead Reason.
I've used Ableton Live before but have felt some hindrance in creativity due to not realizing that having dedicated MIDI controller [designed of Ableton live] would have made me use the said software more.

LOGICALLY: I should go for the Arturia Minilab being that I am used to composing on Studio one. Meaning with the usual way I make music, the Arturia Minilab fits the bill but nothing exciting or new. On the other hand if I realize that Ableton Live is still not for me, it won't be an issue as the Minilab has better features for other traditional workflow DAWs (hence why the sustain pedal is a biggie for me).

THE BIG BUT: I've long been wanting try Ableton Live again. Because for me, it's more fun and just damn right creative to be able to keep your hands off the computer and play, play, play.

THE QUESTION/S: Can the Arturia Minilab be configured to work close to how the Novation Launchkey works in Ableton? Specifically:

-can the knobs be assigned to launch clips since their clickable?
-can the knobs be used to scroll/arm tracks and scenes?

P.S. If anyone will suggest other mini form-factor controllers please make sure that it has at least as good Ableton live features as the Arturia. I also ruled out the Akai MPK mini as the two aforementioned keyboards are more useful to me.

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