Arturia MiniBrute 2s Alternative?


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Arturia MiniBrute 2s Alternative?

Ok guys. I’d almost narrowed down my desktop (no keyboard) synth to an Arturia MiniBrute 2s, but it’s not quite right.

Basically, what I want is something like the MiniBrute 2s as this model has amazing sounds (for bass and lead), a good built-in sequencer and good synth layout so great for learning synth the traditional way by means of: VCO, LFO, Filter, Amp, ADSR etc, so love this stuff about the MiniBrute.

However, the only thing I don’t like about it is you can’t save presets so it would be like going back to 1980 and taking a photo to remember the settings and having to manually dial them all back in again. There is a similar issue with the Sequencer in that it is a bit hit and miss with how you can save good sequences and a limited number of them at that.

So any recommendations for something like the MiniBrute 2s, but with patches that you can save to memory as presets (at least the ability to save 50 presets and recall them at any time) and a sequencer that is at least on a par with the MiniBrute, or more advanced.

Must be able to do ‘Moog-like’ bass lines, synth leads, pads etc.

I don’t need a keyboard, I’d rather something with decent sequencer.

Also, would probably prefer a digital model rather than analogue for the multi-timbral and polyphony etc.

I'm not keen on Behringer kit, so anything but that.

Budget, up to £1,000 (1,300 Dollars/1,200 Euros)
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Thanks, have posted on another forum and had about 30 responses. Quite around here on Future Producers ;) Novation got mentioned and checked it out, not quite what I am after. Just going to get the MiniBrute 2s as it's the closest thing for me.