Artists/Producers WANTED for new mobile music app $$$


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We've built a revolutionary new music creation app for iOS and Android and are due to be releasing in the next couple of months.
We're looking for more Producers to create audio packs to sell on the platform. The revenue generated from each pack sale is split between you and us.
Packs are formed of between 30 - 100 2bar, 4bar or 8bar loopable samples which the user can then create a song from. The app also has a deep social media side to it, similar to Instagram. Enabling artists, producers and users to engage with each other in an entirely new way.
The genre for the packs can be anything any everything, but this sort of product tends to appeal more to users that like House/EDM/HipHop/Urban.
If you'd like to know more let me know.


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Hi James,

Not sure how the communication works on this site but if there is a way to reach me directly I have some very enticing propositions for you and would love to hear more about this. I am in the process of starting a vocal sample company with my wife and we are looking into beat loops as a side project. I have a lot of musicians at my disposal and a fair amount of hardware so I would be curious to know what your split percentage is. If fair, I could get you a good amount of packs by the time launch comes around, accompanied with artwork, bpm, key tags and anything else you may need to make it as easy as possible for you.


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I create all types of beats! I'd love to know more about this. Hit me up on Instagram: g3thatguy_bihhh
or find me on Facebook G3ThatGuy.

You can also email me at

This sounds like a great opportunity.
Thank you