Are MacBooks really worth it?


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Hey! I'm new around here :) Sorry, this probably has been asked before but I found a good deal on a MacBook air (for what I can see in the pictures it could be a 2017).
These are the specs: 13.3" Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 128GB SSD
I was convinced to buy it, but now I'm starting to get cold feet.
I feel like I can find other laptops with similar/better specs for the same price.
Now, I've read they get lower latency...that's all I know lol
Any experience with that model?
I'd appreciate your help.


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hi,i know this is an old post but id just like to reply incase it helps you or anyone else who may be reading.
id personaly dont think macbooks are worth it over a high end laptop, back when apple used PPC (power PC) architecture and not intel, their equipment was a lot more reliable and faster for highly intensive programs,for serious music production,youd be better off with a water cooled PC with an overclocked ryzen 7 uppwards-overclocked to at least 3.6GHz, at least 32GB RAM to future proof it-if at all possible as you can modify all parts when needed,set up a RAID hard drive system so that if one hard drive with all your music on fails-you still have it savedd.
Hi, Yes, for most people. The Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro with M1 are excellent machines for almost everyone. Those who need more power for the most demanding tasks should wait (if possible) until late 2021 when Apple will likely release souped-up M-series chips in the higher-tier Mac Book Pros.


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Hello, I want to buy a Macbook but I don't know which one should I buy. It is my first time buying a Macbook. I want to buy a Mackbook because I want to write essay. My friend told me that on Macbook, I can write essay easily as compared to android phone. And he also shared link with me and told me to read top 10 qualities to write a good essay. This is the only reason I want to buy Macbook and that is why I want to know which Macbook would be better for me.
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