Are butter rugs useful? or just downright neccessary


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I use normal matts with no plastic its fine. The reason i dont use plastic or wax paper is beacause over time the paper/plastic developes a static charge that can degrade sound quality. Thats what i heard and i did notice the static build up.
To be honest, I think you re right...normal slipmats works fine...sometimes I feel like I m using plastic thin piece just to tell myself '' it should be better now'' the difference is minimal....


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margarine rugs

just picked them up for pretty cheap and they are pretty darn good i tell ya... so thin though, so i'm using them under some good slipmats... it makes them sit high but man they are nice to cut with...


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Butter rugs are not mandatory, although very helpful. These slip mats allow for maximum control of your record, and ultimate slippage. If you do not have a very good needle, do not bother with Butter Rugs, because as soon as you begin to do massive scratches, such as a high paced scribble, the needle will jump directly off. I use my butter rug slippery side down, because I prefer my slipmat to grasp along the record, but you could experient with the other side up. If you like making shortcuts, and do not like to see money comming out of your pocket(LIKE ME!), use a piece of plastic or the wax paper that holds the record, and shape it to the bottom of your slipmat, this way, it will work close enough to a butter rug. But! this is only temporary and after the fifth time, you might as well buy the butter rug....there are no shortcuts for the needle, whichever way you chose (Spherical stylus or Elliptical Stylus) your bound to be screwed in the long run, but I prefer Spherical although it wears out your record alot faster. The upside of the Spherical is that when you do heavy scratching, it won't jump off or skip around the record. I hope this was helpful. Dj Era

dj rreal

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I use the Butter Rugs under my Vestax slipmats and they work great.The butter rugs by themselves make me lose control.


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HooliganR6 said:
My M3D's came with the Tech slipmat and a piece of plastic for under the slipmat. Do you still think sewer slimes would be better?

Sewer slimes are similar to this, but the plastic is on the mat. It used to be an old skool dj thing to cut plastic out from record sleeves and use the plastic under your mats for extra slippiness. now technics is handing them out with new tt models...weird huh?


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