anyone wanna mix and master for me?


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whats good people, i thought this might be a good place to look for a mix engineer for a project in working on<br><br>if anyone can help me out that would be cool, im on a super low budget if u can help out for like a fiverr id me more then happy<br>im a hip-hop artist from australia, you can hear my stuff here<br><br>im looking for someone that knows their way around mixing, can give me a nice clear clean sound, add some effects,mess with it give it life. anyways  drop a note or e-mail


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Good luck w/ that...I've been searching for an engineer for months.
No dice!
My advice go ahead and record as many tracks as you can...
Hell, complete the entire project excluding mixing/mastering
THEN attempt to do so yourself.


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Sure , But Unfortunately I Do Charge, But My Prices Are Low And I Do Have Somewhat Of A Portfolio Where U Can Listen To Music That I Have Edited. You Can Email On Here Or Reach Me On FB: Brian Malik Ausar McCary Is My Information And That's Probably The Best Way To Contact Me Honestly. Looking To Hearing From U Soon


I sometimes have small windows of time between contracts to help other musicians with this more complicated stuff. However, there is time and knowledge that goes into this that isn't worth being a free offer. I am willing to barter services to be defined later if the following apply.

• if your tracks are already clean and well-engineered
• if you have a clear idea of what sound you're going for up front or if you're just open to what comes out
• if you're a good communicator and in my moment during the work and available for quick turnarounds
• if you've given thought to some social cross-promotion you can do to help other projects

If all the above apply to you, I am open to helping some good musicians in need of help. PM me with what you're hoping to achieve and where you're at and I'll let you know if I can help. I prefer to master more than mix so hopefully the bounces aren't too crazy to start from.

I would also start making a plan for how you can monetize those that help or, as above, those charging minimal for their services. Its not that people want to do this for free because NO ONE DOES but the hope is that if you sell a few digital copies thanks to the mixing or mastering, that you be honest about it and offer some promotion and or some cash after. It's not FREE its DEFERRED PAYMENT.


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Hey man!
21 year old hip hop producer from Austria here.
Been making hip hop beats for about 5 years now.
In the last couple of months I focused on improving my mixing and mastering skills.
I invested a big ammount of money in plugins, synths and samples in order to step up my game.
Sadly I can't provide you a link because I'm not allowed to yet.
But my name on Soundcloud is "Perp Nox"

If you want me to I can mix and master a track of yours for free!
I can't promise that you will enjoy the result but I would try my best.

Hit me up at any time at "perpnox" on ig or here

All the best!