Anyone Know of Any Good Books?


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Hey guys, I am just getting started with propellerheads reason. I can't find any good info on making hip hop and rap beats. Can someone recommend a good instructional book on making beats. Thanks...

P.S. The book doesn't have to be about reason once it gives info that I can use on making good beats.


As for books on making hip hop/rap specificly I don't really think their are many or any at all.

You can definetly find alot of things online to read up on though that can help you get started from tutorials to articles theres alot you can find online.

You can definetly find alot of good information on FP if you browse thru and use "search" aswell.


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Try Sa'id's beatmaking book, I don't quite know where the link is..

but Im sure if you type in the name in google or somewhere, you will be able to find it.


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Sa'id's book is "BeaTips" from It's ok, but take what he says with a grain of salt.

I've seen a few books on recording and production in the big music stores like Sam Ash and Guitar Center, but I don't know how useful they are.

I do know there's lots of info online:

You probably want to start with "Basics," "Compression," and "Effects."

Beyond that, take your favorite beats and spend time recreating them in Reason. You'll learn a lot.
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i got Sa'id s book, i was expecting something different but what he talks about is definatley good **** to know

if you get it, get it thru FP tho because i think it helps support this site if you do, or something like..all i know is support the site, its a great site and without it i would be lost on many things


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Hey guys thanks for the advice, I read that the book deals with hadware and I am using software, but I am definitely going to check out the books and links you sent me. This was a great help cuz I didn't know where to start...


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Personally I really don't like reading book on making hip hop beats... It just takes the fun and frestration out of making a hit...

I like to start from scratch and work my way to the big leagues without any walkthroughs ext


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You can apply what is in "songwriting" books to hip hop. In regards to song structure, phrasing, and lyrical content.

I've been reading Jimmy Webbs "tunesmith" and its really helpful.

And todaysbeats tutorials are well worth the money.


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You see, the beauty about hip-hop is, there is no one specific way you can make it. You can have beats that sound like 70's soul, 80's soft rock, techno, house, drum and bass, or just plain old noise; and all of them sound good in their own unique way.

Really there is no specific way to make hip-hop or a hip-hop beat. Just make what you think sounds good.

You can get some books on music theory, that teach you scales and chord progression, but as far as making complete beats, just use you imagination.


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why do u need a book to make hip hjop? u just gotta play wit ****. u know what hip hop feels and sounds like it shouldnt be too hard. Get to know reason and play wit it some and then youll learn quickly.


Writing about hip hop music production is tough task, especially when you're dealing with feels.

However I wrote one: How to Make Beats

Btw, I hate to revive this thread which was created in 2005 (wow this forum is old), but I'm curious if anyone knows any new books on the subject?

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I am incredibly grateful to you for the book recommendations you gave. I love reading various literary genres and discovering in a new way both the books I have read and the timeless classics. On the site I found some interesting articles that deal with literary genres. With the help of this site, I recently discovered the dystopia genre for myself and have already read several well-known books from this genre.
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