Any Producers uses Splice?


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Been looking for specific packs or makers similar to the styles of Frank Dukes, trap oriented sounds like Metro Boomin/808 Mafia and mumble rap on the platform so open to suggestions

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Ive recently started using Splice. I don't like to grab drum kits because i create my own so i only use loops pretty much and chop them up if i'm needing inspiration. Plenty of Metro Boomin and trap stuff on there. as far as Frank Dukes i'm not sure. I guess that would be the fun part in the "hunting" process. also, you should check out the website sounds (dot) com they are similar and might have what you're looking for there.


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Splice is a service that lets you download thousands of sounds, loops, and samples, even synth presets based on a monthly subscription.


It's pretty decent. I used it back in 2017 and loved it. I downloaded the entire site lmao. Really though it's definitely not a bad buy!


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Just started for vocal samples.
That site is honestly one of the better ones for samples!


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Splice is actually a very dope platform. You just have to know how to navigate & search the right way, to find very good samples.

I started using Splice as one of my main sample& inspiration sources a couple months ago. But because the platform is almost "overfilled" with so many sounds, it was getting more and more difficult to find good samples, because after a time I only stumbled across the same old sample packs.

So I actually had to learn how to narrow the search down & what to type in the search bar. But try the platform yourself and let me know how it went.
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lol dude the drum kit one shots are the best, u do realise those melody loops ur chopping are in a few hundered beats online and sitting on hard drives right ? and alot are not royalty free ! but i think splice is...most atlease but they've got some of the best drum kits [one shots] they've got good engineers .


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Splice is great, or not everything on there is but they've now gotten to a point where there's something for everyone regardless of if you're producing house or trap