Any Peavey Rotomix dj Mixer in here?

dj chex

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djvartan said:

"respect" what a funny word. tell ya what, why dont you show me some before i go off on your ass! im not joking around anymore.

Now that's just stupid. Your posts are nothing about mixers. It's about boosting your childish ego. I agree that the rane is a good choice, but seriously, you need to grow up.
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djvartan said:
90% of the old rotary mixers are beat to hell. to bring them up to par you gonna spend $200-$300. i tell the guy to buy a RANE. a great mixer that is BRAND NEW made buy a great company. no head aches with the old mixer.

True, but $1000 spent in total on a used Bozak is better than spending $350 on a new Peavey. $1000 spent on a clean Bozak is, sound-wise and economically, better than $1000 spent on a Rane, which has a second hand value of 35%-50% the initial price. If you'd like to sell your Bozak later you're not making a financial loss, as you would with a Rane.

But I see your point. I myself would probably get the Rane before the Bozak because I'd have problems getting it serviced.

And oh yeah - I'd tell a DJ to buy 20 year old 1200s if they're in good shape.


my 1200s are about 10-15 yrs. old, work like new with little maint.
my bozak that is 25 yrs. old or whatever needs work sure, but it holds it's own.
everyone is entitled to their opinion, but being an ass about it does not make yours better than someone else's.
if i was out of line in ANY of my posts i sincerely apologize, but the fact is that one person turned this thread in to a war.
now on to a post that is relative to the initial question.

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i also own both the Rane rotary combo and a few Bozaks -- the sonic quality of the Bozak blows the rane apart...

that being said, the rane is a decent mixer and rane also has outstanding customer service.

For servicing the Bozak, there are a few guys in the north east US that do the work very well, but it does cost -- about 3 or 4 hundred for a clean up and $1000 for a total rework with desirable modifications (do a web search on DJ mariog -- he is the master at fixing/restoring Bozaks -- you can also get ones that he has restored directly from him @ 2000 for the most desirable ones)

i guess it all depends on how much $$$ you are willing to spend...

and to the teenagers in the house, just remember -- you cant be old school and still in high (junior high) school...

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i used a Peavey CDmix 9072A 19" DJ mixer for 2 years, and it was a real piece of junk. Peavey has been in the DJ mixer market for over a decade now without producing anything worth buying at all. their stuff is down there with Gemini, Pyle, Pyramid, etc... aka not worth the cash.

i've also not heard the best stuff about the Vestax. I was lusting after one briefly, until I read a bunch of reviews that all harped on its poor build quality. Also, it only has a 2-band EQ - no mids! for the kind of money it costs, that's a major omission.

as a bedroom DJ, i understand if you're hesitant to invest in something as esoteric as a 20 or 30 year old rotary, no matter how well recommended they are. I suggest you take a look at some of the cheaper Vestax's, especially the PCV-275 or the PCV-175, since they can be retro-fitted with rotary knobs. They are solid mixers at a reasonable price; less than half the cost of the Vestax PMC-47. Go with one of those for now, and see if you really like mixing on a rotary. Then maybe in a year you will be ready for one of the Urei's or Bozak's... man, i've been DJ'ing for 8 years now and still haven't gotten the cojones to go and buy one of those classic boxes. :)


ps - hey vartan, stop being such a hater... :P


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As a vestax PMC46 MK2 owner i must say that it is great mixer easily as good as a urei/rane rotary mixer, in every aspect, it has a seperate PCBs for every channel, Fantastic Sound Quality, and great faders.

I have used Urei/Rane mixers at clubs over the years and they well OVER RATED, the urei is very unreliable, and the rane does'nt sound as good as the vestax.

Keep the groove alive!!!!!!!!!!
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never had ANY issues with my vintage UREI....

I do agree that the Rane line definitely has a distinctive 'sound' signature.....

although I have never used the vestax... I think it is agreed by the professionals that the unit is OK -- but not anything to write home about....

Just remember that when ppl are talking about the Bozak/Urei mixer strengths & weaknesses they are typically talking about LARGE system installation... the larger the system -- the more readily apparent the differences b/t units....

word on the street is that the 1620LE is a very good unit, only time will tell if they live up to the OG units.....
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Quote[although I have never used the vestax... I think it is agreed by the professionals that the unit is OK -- but not anything to write home about....]

I got recommended the vestax pmc 46 mkII by a Specialist Sound installation Company (CAV UK who have provided Glastonbury and loads of clubs/concerts) when they installed our sound system (A 50k 3 way Nexo/crown rig)and originaly I wanted a rane 2016 and they advised strongly against it saying the vestax was a much better unit both sonicly and build quality wise.....

Keep the groove alive... CDs suck

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yeah I used to have the Rane unit as well... (sold it to a dude in the UK) -- The flexibility was nice (build quality very good to exceptional) but the sound was like a Rane.....

very intersting that the sound company rec'd the Vestax for build quality over the Rane...

50k pounds or watts???


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Did'nt realise you were in the states, where abouts?
22 cabs 3 racks 50,000 watts rms

simon kennedy
club abandon coventry UK

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i can see where everyone is coming from with the bozak/urei recomendations...
he is using it in a bedroom with limited sound capablities.
imho - if you buy a bozak or urei, your crazy.
the vesatax is a great mixer..i acutally looked at it myself.
i play in my living room, with limited sound capablities aswell and went for the stanton rm-100. 4 channel, decent eqs, and someother fun stuff.
i got it off ebay for 120, bought the knobs for 70.
if i were you, id buy a less expensive mixer and spend the rest of your $$ of music (unless you plan to move into a pad with a serious soundsytem in the near future).
fyi - id love to hear some first hand knowlege/experinces on the peavey. i thought it was cool that it had 5 channels and actually considered it myself.
aside - people should just chill with knocking companies in general. this is the site that turned me on to the umx and if i recall correctly - its made by GEMINI. plus the peavey grabber is pretty bad ass.


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I'm sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but I was doing some research on my Peavey Rotomix and found this great forum. The best way for me to show my appreciation was to join and post.

It's interesting to see the various posts back in 2004 on the Rotomix and what the unit is currently selling for on-line.

I have always been a fan of knob mixers and till this day I've never been able to get into fader mixers. I still have my Urei 1620 & 1200 mk2s in my Vintage studio, but I also have 2 Peavey Rotomix units that I bought for my Mobile DJ business. I use one with my Video Entertainment System & kept one as a backup. They've been durable, rock solid mixers, and maybe even "a good investment" based on what they are selling for today.

Best regards and it's my pleasure to be here. I think I'll stick around.