Another great broadcast tonight


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Once again i'm doing another live dj mixing radio broadcast tonight, starting 6pm-9pm, normally we go until 8pm but tonight special. I'll be playing 1994-1996 happy hardcore from 6pm-8pm and then 8pm-9pm my mate is playing a banging oldskool happy techno set which will be cool. We've been getting listeners from Italy, Hungary, UK and the USA, not sure how we started getting listeners from Italy and Hungry but hey, the more the merrier, hope everyone enjoys it.

Anyway, here's my website :
Paracosm Radio

On there is the direct link to the stream page, hope everyone enjoys the show, on sunday i'll be playing 1994-1996 oldskool jungle, it'll be great, I started raving in 1993, went to all the big Dreamscapes, Helter Skelter, United Dance, Pleasuredome, Die Hard raves.

Anyway, i'm posting this here because i'd love to know what styles of music all you hardcore dudes like? If you can tell me what styles you like i'll make sure they get played.
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