Announcing Summer Strummer 3!


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Announcing Summer Strummer 3!
[h=4]Get smoking hot deals on these cool new gear specials Aug. 4th - Sept. 1st[/h]

What better time than summer to get out and start gigging? Now you can perform better than ever before with deep discounts on iLoud, AmpliTube, and even our Custom Shop Gear Credit Packs! In addition to this, we also give you four more great ways to save, with our new Stage Bundles. These discounted gear specials and Stage Bundles are only available for a limited time so act fast while the heat is still on!

Save $50/€40 on iLoud
Get loud this summer with iLoud, the first portable speaker for musicians. During the Summer Strummer sale, the loudest and clearest portable Bluetooth speaker is available for $249.99/€199.99*, that's $50/€40 off its regular price! Use your JamPoints on top of the discount for even more savings!

50% Off All AmpliTube 3 Apps (Mac/PC and iOS)
AmpliTube 3’s price has been reduced to $99.99/€79.99*, that’s 50% off the normal price of $199.99/€159.99. The 50% off is also available for AmpliTube Slash, AmpliTube Orange, and all other special editions for $49.99/€39.99* each (normally $99.99/€79.99). From August 4th to August 14th you can get AmpliTube for iPhone and iPod touch or AmpliTube for iPad for just $9.99/€8.99 each on the App Store, and add-on collections are only $6.99/€5.99 each!

50% Off All AmpliTube Custom Shop Gear Credit Packs Over $99.99/$79.99
All Custom Shop Gear Credit packs over $99.99/€79.99* are 50% percent off. Now you can get 120 Gear Credits for as little as $49.99/€39.99* (that’s a $99.99/€79.99 value), and that 50% off promotion runs right on up to the 1500 Gear Credit pack.

Stage Control Bundle
iRig + iKlip 2 + BlueBoard value $179.97 price $129 save $50
Guitarists and bass players, now you can plug in and rock out like never before with this bundle containing iRig, iKlip 2 and iRig BlueBoard.

Stage Control Bundle MIC
iRig MIC + iKlip 2 + BlueBoard value $199.97 price $139 save $60

Singers, now you can sing your heart out and deliver a show stopping performance with the combined power of iRig MIC, iKlip 2 and iRig BlueBoard.

Stage Control Bundle HD
iRig HD + iKlip 2 + BlueBoard value $239.97 price $169 save $70

The high-definition iRig HD is paired with the convenient control combo of iKlip 2 and iRig BlueBoard for pristine sonic clarity.

Stage Control Bundle PRO
iRig PRO + iKlip 2 + BlueBoard value $289.97 price $199 save $90

This bundle gives you the versatility of iRig Pro and the convenient control of iKlip 2 paired with iRig BlueBoard. You'll have the power to connect, perform and record with XLR microphones, guitars, bass, keyboards and more as well as all your favorite MIDI controllers.

Buy iRig HD or iRig PRO, get AmpliTube 3 free
From August 4 through September 30, 2014, when you purchase and register an iRig HD or an iRig PRO, you’ll get a free digital download of AmpliTube 3 (valued at $199.99/€159.99).
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