Andi Vax releases "TAL-DRUM - All Kits Bundle" with 50% discount


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Andi Vax has announced the release of "TAL-DRUM - All Kits Bundle"
Made in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Bundle contains of 6 Mix Ready Kits for TAL Software TAL-DRUM + One Shot Samples + MIDI and Audio Preview for each TAL-DRUM Kit.

• Heavy Metal Rock Kit (124 Samples)
• Indie Kit (53 Samples)
• Rock Ballad Kit (124 samples)
• Slap House Kit (15 Samples)
• Synthwave Kit (21 Samples)
• Trap Kit (19 Samples).

You will need TAL-DRUM plugin to use these presets.

Price: 49$ (Use coupon "StandWithUkraine" for 50% discount) at