Ambivalence and mystery

Nix Keburt

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If you just right down what you are trying to express and the object is clear from the very first time you listen to a song there is a shortage of appreciation time. Double meanings of a phrase sounds a little cliche to me, I go further beyond that. With every song I write I try to have at least one secret word.

Multiple verses allude to the secret word. I imagine myself in a world where a certain subject is not allowed to be spoken of. Some conservative religious overlords who have banned a word and I’m trying to explain the word without saying it and if they would catch me I would face punishment.

This way texts get an invisible, obscured meaning and every time you listen to it you would get closer to the word, but never really grasping it exactly.

So it is the feeling that there is a formless void running as a thread through the text. It’s like mediating between randomness and infinity, where the only intelligible way of coming close to expressing either is language.
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