Am I able to have a mod edit or delete some posts?


yeah huh...
I apparently went on a very ignorant trolling spree some years ago and would very much like to edit some posts. Would a mod be able to help out with that? Thank you.


yeah huh...
Well, if there’s any way to just nuke this entire thread, I would be grateful. If not delete, possibly edit any post from me with an instance of a racial slur to say “I am an idiot”? I do not remember posting those types of comments and I am so embarrassed that I ever thought that would be ok. Dilla vs. Lex Luger
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Appreciate it. As a rule, we do not delete threads or posts (messes with continuity, history, etc.).

If you can point out the posts, and there’s not a crazy amount of them, I might be able to edit. But if you don’t know where/what they are, I have to be realistic about my time, as I’m one of the only regularly active mods at FP.