Alternative Rock Song

My friends and I set out to make a kind of angels & airwaves style inspirational rock song. This is what we came up with. If anyone in this part of the forum is producing rock music then I would love to have some very critical feedback and some tips on how to improve our production. Thanks!

ya I have to agree with the rest of the posters. The Vocals are a little strange and pitchy but ya the ended is sick with the layered vox. It sounds like any other pop alt rock song thing but it isnt bad, keep it up and just clean up the vox
Not only are the vocals quiet but I had a rough time trying to get them to fit in the mix especially in the chorus. For the intro I knew I wanted them to be light and airy so there is lots of reverb and delay effects...but that didn't work for the chorus. Any tips on getting the vocals right?

something like angels and airwaves/blink 182.
Big inspirations for us.
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if there is anyone really into mixing and producing music of this type I would love to talk to them!