alright FP'ers, let's see what you got!! another gem from my personal crates


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pulled this one from a RUFUS record, of band w/the legendary lead singer CHAKA KHAN, some funky ass guitars & sweet bell pianos for you to chop up and flip in various ways, fresh from the vinyl! .wav files all day ya dig! enjoy the sample & peep the flip, post some feed back if ya can, and for hip-hop's sake my peeps, LET'S HEAR SOME FLIPS!! :monkey:


flip: [video=youtube;b6w3YrLbUjo]video[/video]


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I ain't trying to hate but stop de-naming your samples. Rufus is going to be no use to anyone, just call it the full sample or atleast tell us what it is.

Beat's nice tho


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yeah man, you did it again really good flip!
Btw i need to know the name of the sample you know, Rufus and Chaka Khan got a lot of songs together..
Thanks anyway