Alesis Akira - thoughts?

Dean McBride

New member
Anyone familar or experienced with this particular effects unit? I haven't had much luck finding reviews or opinions of it online.

One of the local pro audio retailers in my area just dropped their price on the Akira down to practically nothing. I could do with a new multi-effect processor in the rack; just wondering if this was worth jumping on or not.

Any input is greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!



from what i gathered from the alesis website, it always sounds a bit suspicious when the words "extremely easy to use" and "extremely affordable" are combined. i'd suggest trying the unit out for a good while and see if it's seriously limited in some way (there usually is some strange catch that makes it "extremely affordable") before spending anything on it.


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Its just a rack mount, programable version of thier ineko tabletop effects proccessor, which is a sweet deal for 70 bucks and has a few great effects i havent heard anywhere else. I use the grinder effect on synth to emulate the sound of heavy metal guitars etc. Go for the ineko if ya dont need proggramability, you can even get two at that price.