AKAI S6000


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Hey,mano it's for me an good instrument.But I think you prefer the VIRUS synthetiseur.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you soon on stage.


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hey guys (to other members) dont worry, I think this is the guy I sold my S6000 to a few months ago when I was in France ;)

how are you Juju?
how is the S6000 treating you?

No I LOVE this sampler! but i had to move, and it was too expensive to ship and I needed to sell most of my equipment back then.

Hope you've upgraded the OS to version 2.0 (just read the manual they explain it)! its much better i heard

Also get the USB card... so you wont need any ZIP drive or even CDROM drive anymore... you simply drag and drop your sounds from your computer ot your sampler with a software window. also you can control all the filters very easily now. When i had this sampler it wasnt easy to control this.

have fun!Nice to see you around here!


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Software for s5000/6000 Sampler

Hey ManoOne,

Seeing that you are the moderater of this site (As far as I can tell). I recently bought a S5000 (I already have the S5000 itself on v 2.0.) and I am having trouble figuring out how to get the new AK.sys software that can be used with the new software version 2.0 on the PC via USB. When I go to the akaipro.com site, it says that the software is available but when you click on the links, it connects you to the download page and only Cubase/Cakewalk mixermaps(?) and the OS 2.0 itself is available. What am I doing wrong or is there something obvious that I am overlooking? Although I do use Cubase VST for sequencing I am not familiar with mixmaps and their functions so I'm a little lost in that department as well. Did you ever use these? The only thing that I can think is that the ak.sys software is bundled with the v2.0 OS, or that I have to purchase it. Since you used to work with an Akai 6000, I was hoping that you can you advise.

Also open to anybody else who could help! Please reply or email me at reese808@hotmail.com

Thank you respectfully, Reese808

Also check out: http://www.ngoma-online.com

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hi reese808!

well I sold my AKAI 6000 before the AK.sys + 2.0 OS + USB came out, so I cant really give you step by step advice.

HOWEVER i strongly recommend to use CUBASE VST 5 to sequencer your AKAI.. Most peopel use it, and if AKAI provides a mixermap, go for it.

a mixermap is basically a surface panel on your screen, with all the knobs of your machine (direct cutoff etc!!). You can press record on the sequencer, and record in realtime what you tweak on the mixermap.

On cakewalk it's called STUDIOWARE and they do the same thing.

What sequencer are you currently using?

I think you should email akai and ask about the AK.sys and all this stuf.. they'll tell you. You can even call their customer service (hey you paid the price, they have to help!)


hope this help though
take care man, and have fun


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Thanks ManoOne for your help,

I am using Cubase VST v3.2 right now but I haven't had a chance to try your suggestions yet. I'll let you know how it goes. Gimme a couple of days...

One Love, Reese808

PS. I love this site!