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So I've really just been focusing on composing tracks and getting ideas out and whatever. But now I'm starting to get a lot more into mixing and getting everything sounding right. I use logic X and the eq's compressors reverbs etc.. that come with it. Does anybody have any relatively cheap go to plugins that they could recommend that work well?

JC Biffro

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You can achieve 95% of what you need from your stock plugins.

If you feel the need to buy something, checkout Komplete from Native Instruments or the Mixing/Mastering suite from Slate Digital.


Zukatoku - Mod Scientist
also swing by and check out their monthly, weekly and daily specials (three plugins every Saturday and Sunday)

But yes if you do get Komplete get Komplete ultimate as the additional eqs, compressors and reverbs are exquisite and worth the extra money, not to mention and the other synths, the new ensembles for reaktor and the other libraries for kontakt

chris carter

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I would look at IK Multimedia T Racks. For compressors and EQs there really isn't any collection that sounds as good (and I love their plate reverb too). My mixes are littered with their stuff (and my mixes are all over radio). It's not the CHEAPEST, but the pricing is very good. But the main thing is that you can just buy effects one at a time and build up a custom collection of stuff you like, as opposed to some of the bundles by other companies where if they let you buy individual effects you have to shell out considerably more than if you bought the bundle. Peter from IK is on the forum. PM him for some info here:


I would like to re-iterate what Biffro said:
You DO NOT need to buy plugins to make your mixing/mastering sound better.

I would strongly recommend you do not buy anything and learn to use stock plugins well first.


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I tend to use stock plugins since they get the job done.

I've recently bought the Silver Bundle from Waves when it was on sale at Plugin Boutique and iZotope Alloy 2. I would especially recommend Alloy 2. It has a lot of presets that are great for learning or just experimentation.


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There's a few decent free plugins worth checking out as well... They don't always look as pretty but can definitely achieve the sound.

Camel Krusher saw some heavy use from me until I had cash to play with.


Kicking Plastic
Don't make the mistake of going Pokemon on all the plugins you can get. More choice often means more time worrying about what to do. Limit yourself and you often work quicker and more creatively. I had Komplete and it offered so much I'd spend a session changing basses when I should have moved on to other things. It can also mean porting sessions to a new machine is a pain if you forget some random plug you used on it and can no longer find - I have a ton of old Logic sessions like that littered with no longer made or compatible free plugins.

Logic X has all you'd need to make pro tracks, maybe a couple of synths like Razor or Monark that go beyond the ES2's sound but otherwise you'll know what you want when you finally find something you can do with stock, and that won't be much at first.
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