Actual needs and constraints of the DAWs and web services users


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The subject of this thread is for a study of the constraints and the needs of the DAWs and web services users, in the musical composition process. A questionnaire was realized to generate statistics.

The goal of this questionnaire is to identify the user needs that are already fulfilled by web services, as well as the user remaining desires about them. This quantitative study will be used as part of a research paper, made for the end of my final year of university. It aims to demonstrate the power of the web in the evolution of process for musical composition.

Here is the link of the questionnaire :

It takes 5 minutes to complete.

No details can be given in the form. It's possible to go further on some points in this thread, to give more details to your responses. Feel free !

Thank you so much in advance for your responses.

Happy composing ! 🎵