Acoustic Sweet Spot??


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I've got an 11 x 18 room with an adjoining bathroom and there are a BILLION places in the room that sound less than impressive; I've also got a hodgepodge of speakers that comprise my monitoring setup.

From what I've gathered from a few google searches and reading Massive's posts about monitor placement, my room's gotta have a "sweet spot", which I think I've located. There's one place where all the sounds are full and clear, unfortunately it's across the room from where I sit....

Without the use of room treatments, can I really trust the sound I hear at this position?? I'm assuming that there are all kinds of bad frequencies bouncing around that could be trapped with the proper treatments, but if the majority of the sound is solid at this spot would this be the best place to listen?

I'm sure I'm going to hear that without proper treatments there is no way to accurately judge what my tracks sound like. But if there was a "best" place, would this be it?

MASSIVE Mastering

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.38 the length of the long wall from the short wall.

In your case your head should be 6.8 feet from the 11' wall.

That'll be the "sweet spot" - The spot with the least problematic frequency collisions. Still, without proper low end control, it might be a horrible spot - But it'll be the best spot you have.