Ableton Warping


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Hey all!
I did the most bonehead move ever and could use some advice. I made a track on Ableton at 68 bpm, using a 2012 mbp. i bounced a rough mix and then recorded vocals in a new session and on an entirely different mbp (2019). My intentions were to later go back to the original project, bounce the midi tracks down to individual mono stems and drop everything along with the vocals on to a mix session with the 2019 mbp. ....AND HERE IT IS!!! I totally forgot that we changed the tempo to 70 bpm and the Vocals are now tracked. still unaware, i went and stemed everything out at 68 making sure nothing was on warp mode.... and after some love, everything is sitting perfect. I then throw the Vox into the mix and realized the big mistake. I dont want to warp ANYTHING nor redo anything! does anyone have any hacks on how to maybe warp vocals then adjust the tempo and unwarp without tainting the recording????
Please help!!!