dr sun

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Hey folks
I recently bought my first hardware synth the td3 yellow!

Now I'm struggling to get the sound into Ableton. My audio interface is the Komplete Audio 1 from Native instruments.

I connect the td3's output with the input 2 of my audio interface.

Then I connect the audio interface to my MacBook Pro 2020, which btw is on Big Sur 11.1 (people have told me that the problem might be my current OS Version as companies will take time to upgrade their drivers, but I'm not sure on this).

In Ableton I select an external instrument, select Midi to TD3 and audio in from Input 2. For my settings I have selected audio from my interface of course and out to my speakers.

I can see Ableton is receiving midi information but no sound is coming through. The audio interface is not showing any levels of sound coming from my synth and I have no idea why. Ive tried changing a lot of setting already.. no idea what to do anymore so any help is much appreciated!!



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Im trying to replicate the synth brass sound that Greg Hawkes used in Lets Go ... not the sync sound, Ive got that. Its the synth brass sound in the 2nd verse during Shes running them down .. like a clock machine .. and is played during other verses as well. Ive gotten close but not spot on. Help please, thanks