A Stressful Lesson in Preparedness.!!


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Hey everybody! I’ve been a part of this community for a couple years now offering my insight as well as being offered. I’ve been DJing professionally for a year and a half now, and just recently I was booked for a gig where I was unprepared. I’m writing my story as I hope you can all learn from my mistake.
So I was booked as the opener for Ternion Sound (deep dubstep trio), at the LED Room in Wisconsin. I was scheduled to play doors at 10 PM. I always make sure to get to the venues early so I can help run sound tests. 9:30 comes up and we start running tests. I pull out my flashdrive and plug it into CDJ deck A, load the track and ease the fader up. Nothing wrong. That is until I tried linking my flashdrive from deck B. These were older CDJs, a model I’ve never played on before. Luckily the promoter was next to me running audio. When I asked him why they weren’t speaking to each other his face got so serious it made me feel sick. He told me that I need TWO FLASHDRIVES because they don’t speak to each other. Well shit. I check my phone. It’s now 9:40 and I ask him where the nearest Shop I can buy another one is. He told me Walgreens down the road. I sprint out of the club, down to my car and rush as fast as I could there. I had to bother an elderly employee to quickly show me to the flashdrives. I’m sure she noticed I was in a rush because she was already at the cash register. She rings me up and sends me on my way. I sprint out tearing my flashdrive as I go. I pop my trunk, grab my MacBook, open rekordbox and start exporting a bunch of playlists while I’m heading back to the venue. It’s 10:05 by the time I got back. I was supposed to be playing for 5 minutes already. Luckily the promoter was chillin on decks playing something for me. But when I got back, the rental guys had replaced the old CDJs to nexus 2000s. In which case I wouldn’t have had to do that running around, but they showed up earlier than expected. Everything went swimmingly from then on out. But it could have been avoided if I had just brought my spare flashdrive like I normally do. And $17 richer.Nox Showbox Mobdro
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