A question to MANO1

mano 1

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Hi Yarkii,

I've used my sampler and synths etc.. To compose those sounds. Take care


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i've heard some rumors about a new hiphop mix
I'm sure it will be good
manoOne do you think that one day we could have french voices on hiphop mix??


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No, pleace god!

I heard some french rappers here a few months ago.
Don't tempt your luck! It's almost as bad as german rappers.

It's like a really bad dream, only this one has french rappers in it!

This isn't an attack on any of your guys languages, but some things just aren't ment to be.
Like rock with chinese vocals or Baywatch with a german dubbed David Hasselhof.

I'm not saying that Baywatch with an american David H. is mean to be, but then, now you see my point don't you?

:D (hehe)

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mano 1

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Sorry Chriss, but Marseille France is the number #2 source for hiphop after USA.

And listen to:

3eme oeil
Fonky Family
All the Sad Hill crew
..others I forget the name of

Just so you know...
Even the Wu Tang Clan's members are constently working with the marseille hiphop guys, and they are teaming very well.