A "Many Genres" album is on the line


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For now you can look at my Soundcloud which includes 90% of the instrumentals I'm gonna use for my songs, I made them with my Novation Launchpad.

The 1st Album would probably have this line-up:

1) Monster
2) Everybody (feat. Sara Rebolo, a girl with Down Syndrome)
3) Soldier
4) Visit Me
5) Mark
6) Once
7) Uncover
8) Quero te Dizer
9) Smash
10) Sky
11) Eu Não Sei Mais de Ti
12) Jovem Ergue o Teu Lema
13) Conversa sem Rimas (feat. Lidiane Duailibi)
14) Hexagon (Music Maker remix)
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