A beatmaker’s dream gift?


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PLEASE move this thread if it’s in the incorrect section. I’m dumb.
I’m a noob so teach me plz ;;

Hello everyone.
Soon will be my bf’s birthday. He’s a beatmaker and he always said he’d like to get started with something analogic.
I’m broke and I can’t afford any high-end expensive stuff, so what would be something he could get started with?

I’ve seen this cute thing for making sounds (I guess). There are a lot of options and idk what to choose ;;
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Since I’d like to to understand better what he does, I’m open to any long technical reply that puts my brain into work.

About his style:
he said he loves 808’s, clipping kicks, some bitch’s tiddies who I’m jealous of (/j)(Nani plug-in). If you need it I can share you some tracks he made so you better understand what he does :/
He does trap/drill/idk it’s better if I share you some audios I really don’t understand shit I just play wonderwall on the guitar and cry all day.


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Forgot to say.

- No plug-ins. He has a lot and I just can’t ask him what plug-in does he need/have already
- Other options aside the PO are well accepted
- He already has an akai mini