9th Wonder’s '10 Track Commandments' for Music Producers

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Shit, this is like the swagged out commandments compared to the other one before buying a piece of equipment.
"10 Track Commandments

# 10. Unless it’s a rare sample don’t sample the first 10 seconds. Don’t loop the first ten seconds of "Thriller.""

No argument here - the more obscure it is the less likely that someone else has already flipped it. Does not excuse you for failing to license your use of it though.

yeah i like rare and obscure stuff, both because most likely others haven't done it, and because it allows me to push myself in new directions, as opposed to going down the same path as others.
This here is truly inspiring. I think I might print this out and blow it up as a picture frame above my studio. Honestly, these are some quotes to live by.
9th be on some realtalk guru music coach aha. Dude is a legend in the game, but there's one advice missing. It's not the studio that makes the producer, It's the producer that makes the studio.
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10 track commandments

# 10. unless it’s a rare sample don’t sample the first 10 seconds. Don’t loop the first ten seconds of "thriller."

# 9. do you. Which means if you sample, sample. If you play keyboards, do that.

# 8. always make beats with a mc in mind. Ask yourself, "does this sound like busta joint or a nas joint?" that’s the best way to build up your catalogue.

# 7. don’t put more than 10 beats on a beat cd. I put 30 on one once and mcs can’t absorb all of that at once. I learned the hard way.

# 6. flippin’ bob james’ "nautilus" at least once is a right way of passage, even if you don’t play it for anybody.

# 5. if you make beats on a computer, don’t have limeware or something on it. You’ll get viruses and lose everything.

# 4. some people don’t like to record with a lot of people in the studio, buti like to record with a lot of different people there because you get a lot different feedback on the record.

# 3. if you want longevity in this game, align yourself with larger entity and be the main producer like, marley marl, the rza, the neptunes, mannie fresh, organizied noize, the bomb squad, dr. Dre. They don’t just make beats, they provided the landscapes for a whole crew for years.

# 2. forget reading the manual. You gotta break something to figure out how it works. Peter jennings didn’t graduate from high school. It’s about natural ability.

# 1. stick to your equipment. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make beats on a bucket with some sticks.this is hip-hop. If you can drop 40 points a night in chuck taylor’s, do it. You don’t need nike shox.

Source: Scratch magazine
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