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The drivers have been updated for windows 10 on multiple interfaces.
In the price range of the 2i2 you will not see much performance difference.

I own multiple interfaces & can attest to this.

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Well i have an apollo uad duo but I can't hook it up to my pc because i need a power adapter for the firewire card to work. I'm just looking for a cheap usb interface that has extremely low latency so I can start making beats again.


Movin back to steinberg interfaces, you might want to skip that and get a SAPPHIRE OR CLARETTE believe me.

The Saffire range has long since been discontinued (not to mention they're not really much different quality-wise from the Scarletts; source: have had both) and the cheapest Clarett is more than double the price of the 2i2. The 2i2 is just fine as far as entry-level interfaces go.