37 key or 49 key MIDI keyboard controller?


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I'm thinking about getting my first midi keyboard controller but I can't decide whether to get a 37 key or 49 key one. the two models I am looking at are the M Audio Keystation 49 and the iRig Keys 37. The 37 key would fit in my room a lot better but I still might want to get the 49 key for when I move or change rooms. Also, I think the 49 key comes with Xpand2 which I've really wanted to try.
Any advice on which I should choose?


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Depends really on what you'll be using it for. If you want to play lower and higher sounds at the same time then you're better off with the 49 key. If not, it sounds like you'd benefit more by getting Xpand 2 with the 37 key as the extra keys won't really be a huge benefit.


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When I started I thought 61 keys would be more than enough. Now I find myself using the octave buttons fairly often, but 61 keys is pretty perfect for my room layout so ill stick with it. In general, the more keys the better if you can afford it.


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The thing that matters is the genre of music you want to make and how good you can play piano. For example playing a classical piece needs of course more keys than playing a bass line.
I started with the 49 keys, because I knew that I want to record a whole piano part with both hands.