2 New Trap Banger (F4F 100%)


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Sup everyone

Im back with 2 new banger made with fl studio

Looking for Feedback on the mix mastering and overall composition

Let me know what you think and il return feed on your thread , soundcloud or youtube as usual

Thanks !

The first one drew me in, but when the drums dropped it was ehh. The mixing and the mastering is pretty damn solid (Listening through Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's) although I'm still getting used to these headphones but it sounds as good as commercial songs sound in my opinion. But back to the drums, they're definitely creative but to me personally it's just too much. I'm not a rapper but I feel like it would be hard to establish a flow with the way the kicks are hitting and those delays on the snare/clap. Overall it does have strong potential just simplify the kick pattern and get rid of that snare delay. and fill in the emptiness with a open hat.

Second one, I really like the opening sound but again the drums are just too much. Mixing is once again solid but I really think it would be hard to establish a flow with the way you handled the drums. Tone it down a bit, simple is better. Use less rolls with the kick and save them for every drop to bring excitement into the next part of the beat. You have 2 beats right here that could have some serious potential. All you have to do is dumb it down a bit, let it breathe. I make the same mistakes on my beats, some things sound dope but that doesnt always mean it's artist friendly you know. Re work the drum patterns and re upload them, I'd love to hear them again after you do that.