2 Dirty Lil Wayne 2 Chainz type beat F4F

Like those snare rolls and the beat overall. I would just make the bells more upfront so it feels like there's a layer of highs in the mix which I don't hear much of.
Keep it up though!

Feedback : Wash your worries away and "SAIL"
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Not really feeling this... that snare roll is way too loud... and there is no melody that is consistent through the whole track, so there isn't any foundation for the song melodically. Also the chorus sounds weird, like something is off key, and the sounds you used were very low quality.


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Its a diffrence between constructive criticism and being negative. Your just doing the latter bro.For one did you even press the hd button on the video? Furthermore the plugins i use are also used by the big dogs so i dont see how you could even say they are "Low Quality"


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You posted your song for people to give feedback, but then you get upset when you hear something you don't like? You could take my feedback into consideration and try working on it as opposed to completely reject it.

I suppose I could rephrase my whole response but I would think that you can get when I say "That snare roll is way too loud" I mean "You should turn down the volume of the snare roll".

Now to the quality section. Just because you use the same plug-ins as producers getting placements with major artists, doesn't mean they are of similar quality. They manipulate the sounds with loads of FX until it sounds good, where as your sounds appear to be presets that were taken straight out of Nexus and thrown in the song. The ones you used don't even really fit the Hip-Hop genre, they are more catered to EDM. Just focus more on your sound selection and if you want, listen to popular Hip-Hop songs and take example from them.