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  1. Just had someone hit me wanting exclusive rights to my beat...

    ...but I don't like their sound. I make beats in the genre/style of guys like Thouxanbandfauni, Uno, Yung Bans, Playboi Carti, etc. etc. This women who has 3 tracks on her soundcloud (a Bruno Mars...
  2. Can some I.D. the preset used in this or how to create a similar sound? Key/Chords?

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    F4F Lil-Uzi/Synth-Trap Beat

    Hey guys wanted to get some feedback on another track this one I could really hear Lil Uzi being on

    30 Round Clip Shit by Teenage Dream | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  4. nice man im diggin it the melodies go really well...

    nice man im diggin it the melodies go really well with the simplistic vibe of the track keep it up!
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    Thanks for all the replied you guys, i'm gonna go...

    Thanks for all the replied you guys, i'm gonna go and check out yall's tracks now
    This beat was difficult to find a good bassline/drum pattern that went well with the melodies so I might go back and...
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    It's actually not a pad haha! It's a piano with...

    It's actually not a pad haha! It's a piano with the attack turned up and the Gross Beat "1/2 speed" on it,
    1/2 speed turns soft piano chords into sick pads
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    F4f Lil Yachty/Upbeat-Piano Trap Beat

    Keys To Heaven by Teenage Dream | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  8. [Feedback Please] Ambient/Wavy Trap - "Midnight Blunt Cruise"

    A little something I made after school today in about 30 minutes, really liked the way it came out and how all the melodies worked togetherMidnight Blunt Cruise *Purchase On Traktrain - Link In Bio*...
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    Adding layers on top of a sample...

    So I've been producing for awhile and creating songs from scratch is starting to get a little repetitive, so I've been sampling more and more but one of the things I can't get down is after I find my...
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    Do studio's master beats made on DAWs?

    I recently started talking to a few up and coming rappers that have been fucking with my beats but they say they want the quality to be better before they spit on them (dorm room acoustics smh), but...
  11. Is there any sort of drum-kick-placement theory?

    As I have progressed as a producer I've noticed the tracks of mine that have similar kick placement also have the same melody placements in the same common keys (for example string chords on every...
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    2 Boards of Canada reworks
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    2 Boards of Canada flips

    This should be a 2 track playlist, not sure why one track is showing up
  14. Not sure on the genre, but feedback is welcome
  15. What effects are on the snare and percussion in this?

  16. Not sure on the genre, but heres an instrumental I just finished (feedback needed)
  17. Would this work? (isolating sample question)

    Theres this sample I've been wanting for a longggg time, from a house track, but immediately from the beginning until the end of the track is a hard hitting kick every 4th beat so I gave up on it. ...
  18. How should I go about sending beats out?

    I'm 19 now, I've been producing for about 5 years now and I'm just now confident enough in my work where I'm starting to focus on the networking and business side of things. I want to start getting...
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    Fml fml fml i want to kill myself rn

    I just made the best beat i've ever made, shit was banging, perfect sample combinations and everything.
    After I patterned out the song I decided I was on a roll so I started a new beat with all the...
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    Producing in the studio for rappers?

    I've been producing for about 4 years and am just now confident enough in my work to start the networking/business/selling part of it. Most of the underground rappers I've reached out to already have...
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