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  1. EXPORTING in MASCHINE: How to Export in Maschine tutorial


    Welcome back to another Maschine video. In this Maschine video, I explain everything happening in the export dialog box. Native instruments have improved some of their exporting features...
  2. Maschine Beat Making : Playing a R&B instrumental in Maschine

    Subscribe to the channel if have not already. More tutorials coming soon ! Here is something i created using Maschine Studio !

    Enjoy !
  3. Maschine Mixing and Mastering Tutorial (Ultimate Beat Walkthrough) [ 40 min]


    Welcome back to another Maschine Tutorial. In this video i am giving you Maschine Mixing and Mastering (Ultimate beat walkthrough) This video gives you a look at beat breakdown while...
  4. Maschine Beat Rod Wave (INSTRUMENTAL)

    Beat made entirely in Maschine !

  5. Thanks !

    Thanks !
  6. Blessing yall with MASCHINE beat-making - Cook-up Chronicles EP.5


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    How to free - up cpu in maschine


    What is up everyone? Welcome back to another Maschine tutorial ! I often get asked the question: "How do you use so many vsts and seems like your system never crashes"...
  8. Maschine Tutorial: FIXING 808 SUSTAIN


    Welcome back to another Maschine tutorial. Have you ever created a hot beat just to find out that your 808s are clashing. In this tutorial I show you how to fix that problem. If you are...
  9. Maschine Tutorial : (OVER- LOOKED TOOLS)


    Here are some more tools to add to your bag. In Maschine, i feel like the silence tool and fade tool is often overlooked. When working with samples these tools are essential to have...
  10. Maschine Tutorial: How to use Audio Plugin by Native Instruments Maschine The Basics

  11. Maschine Studio Arrangement Tutorial (EASY)


    In this video we take a look at how to arrange your beat/song using the Maschine Studio Controller Hardware. Once you understand how to use the Maschine, you will be able to quickly...
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    Need Some Feedback

    ALL FEEDBACK WELCOMED !Only 4 You (Prod. By FizzENT X STOKEY) by YOung Fizz | Free Listening on SoundCloud

  13. Bobby V | Beep Live (remix) on Maschine Studio


    Welcome back to another video in this video. I took the popular song Beep by Bobby V Featuring Yung Joc and turned it into a Dance Remix. Enjoy the video and please don't forget to hit the...
  14. Maschine EDM Perform FX (Stutter | Filter FX)


    This video is to showcase behind the scenes of getting ideas together. The Maschine Studio has become my center piece to my studio as i find myself creating all different types of genres...
  15. Serato sample has a convenient way of pitching...

    Serato sample has a convenient way of pitching and time stretching samples. For example, if I wanted to make this beat faster I would simply change the master tempo in Maschine and done. With the...
  16. MASCHINE beat-making - Cook-up Chronicles EP.4

    Welcome back to another cook-up. This beat ended up being a Bay area sounding beat. In this video i showcase the drums programming. Quick and easy beat

  17. Re-arrange Tracks for Mixing in Maschine (Hidden Trick)


    Re-arrange Tracks for Mixing in Maschine (Hidden Trick)

    Welcome back to another Maschine video. This one is short but i did want to share a feature in Maschine that most may not know...
  18. MASCHINE beat-making - Cook-up Chronicles EP.3


    MASCHINE beat-making - Cook up Chronicles ➕Free Subscription to Youtube🎗Donations Welcome to a new series that will showcase how i use the...
  19. Maschine Cook Chronicles- up EP. 2 [ N E W S E R I E S ]

    Welcome to Maschine Cook Up- Chronicles

  20. MASCHINE beat-making - Cook-up Chronicles


    Welcome to a new series that will showcase how i use the Maschine to craft beats. If you haven't already please subscribe and drop a donation to support the channel. Thank you ! Enjoy
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