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    New beatmaking course out now

    Hi guys,

    Hope this is ok, just wanted to give you a heads up
    Here's the walkthrough
    <iframe type="text/html" src="" frameborder="0"...
  2. 100% agree. We didn't want to wait around for...

    100% agree. We didn't want to wait around for Safari and Firefox to finish supporting the Web Audio API, so we released with Chrome (and Opera) support. We fully plan on full cross-platform support...
  3. iOS is on the to-do list for the near future....

    iOS is on the to-do list for the near future. Currently the lessons can run on Mac and PC, in Chrome or Opera. Our hands are a little tied with Safari on Mac/iOS as it doesn't support a key audio...
  4. Excellent!

  5. A new composition webapp by the creators of Syntorial

    Hi Everyone,

    We're just about to release Building Blocks, our webapp approach to composition.
    Official launch date is August 21st but you can try the first four lessons for free at the website....
  6. TUTORIAL - Layering patches with Sylenth1

    Hi everyone,

    In this tutorial I'll cover layering patches in Sylenth1 specifically.
    As always, I'l love to hear what you think.
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    First Look at Massive X - REVIEW

    Hi everyone!
    I got my hands on an early release of Massive X and prepared this review. I'd love to hear what you think!
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    REVIEW - Blipblox synth

    Hi everyone,
    This review covers Blipblox - a synth for kids made by Playtime Engineering.
    PS. the "for kids" is more of a suggestion

    Hope you like it!
  9. How to make a sub bass patch - tutorial

    This tutorial covers two different sub basses and how to layer them. Hope you like it!

    - Oscillator: Sine
    - Filter: If you want to bring in...
  10. TUTORIAL - How to make an FM Bass patch

    Two different FM bass types (recipes in the YouTube description)
    Hope you enjoy it!
  11. TUTORIAL - Travis Scott - Sicko Mode

    This tutorial features 4 tracks:
    two contrasting basses, a bouncy hi-hat and an organ.

    Let me know what you think!
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    Diva video review

    Hi everyone,
    I made a video reviewing u-he's Diva.
    Let me know what you think
  13. How to import "Serum" into Serum to make Serum say "Serum"

    Made a tut. Importing a speech sample, and massaging it into a clean and smooth "Serum" wavetable.
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    Massive Wavetables Tutorial

    Here's my take on Massive's wavetables, the WT-Position control, and the Intensity control. Hope it's helpful!
  15. Handy tool for finding Massive wavetables by sound attribute

    Since Massive has so many wavetables, I created a handy little tool to help my fellow synthesists find wavetables based on sound attributes like Metallic and Distorted. Simply click an attribute to...
  16. You're right about that. If you select Pulse-Saw...

    You're right about that. If you select Pulse-Saw PWM under the VA column, set the Intensity (which is now labelled Pulse Width) to the Noon position, and the Pls-Saw Pos knob to the far left, you'll...
  17. Synth Tutorial - Clean Bandit "Rather Be"

    I thought this patch might be a little too simple for a tut, but it turned out to be an interesting lesson in finishing patches and making a simple sound interesting. Feedback welcome.

  18. deadmau5 "Phantoms Can't Hang" - Synth Tutorial

    Time for a tut! I deconstruct the synth lead from Phantoms Can't Hang. Interesting insight into layering patches. How often do you layer patches, and for what purpose?

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    Synth Tutorial - Using Two Filters

    Hey Everyone. So this tut is all about how to use two filters on a synth. I cover all the reasons "why" you would use two filters, instead of just one. I'm curious to hear, how often do you synth...
  20. Thanks man. Yeah I agree, it could use a little...

    Thanks man. Yeah I agree, it could use a little something extra. I'm assuming he used a Prophet, so maybe that's where he got that analog-ness from.
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