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  1. Compile a 32bit version of the open source VST synth Odin II

    would someone be so cool to compile the 32bit version of the open source VST synth Odin II and upload it here for the community? i could do it myself but i m such a tech noob i got no idea how...
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    how to make this pitched echo effect?

    how to make this effect on the snare drum at 1:22


    i know it s a delay effect but which delay plugin should i use and which settings please?
  3. what are your favourite reference songs for mastering?

    please post you favourite reference songs for mastering purposes. they should obviously have a great tonal balance and also cover the full frequency spectrum (including sub) so they ll be usebal also...
  4. Two songs with exactly the same LUFS but one still sounds louder?!

    as we all know streaming services are using loudness normalisation these days. but it doesn't really work since when listening to music on youtube/spotify i still hear a big (perceived) loudness...
  5. which EQ has the "silkiest" high mids/top end?

    i have the following issue: when mastering and A/Bing my master with my reference tracks i often find that my high mids and top end are not as present as in the reference tracks. but when i boost the...
  6. Looking for a multi sampled bass sound - willing to pay for it

    i went through all my synths and believe it or not i am unable to find/create from scratch a certain sound/layer which i can feel is still missing to make my current song complete: it still needs an...
  7. is the low end of my mixes too loud or am I a mixing god?

    i'm not sure if i might have a monitoring issue with my low end. whenever A/Bing my mixes with selected reference songs i always find that my low end is more or maybe too prominent compared to the...
  8. Anyone with FREE VSL Big Boom Orchestra or Syncrosoft USB Dongle please help me


    anyone having the FREE VSL Big Boom Orchestra (BIG BANG ORCHESTRA - Vienna Symphonic Library) already installed or willing to install it (you'll need a Syncrosoft/Cubase USB dongle) would...
  9. COLLABO: record a 16th ride loop on a drum loop of mine


    i m stuck in a drum loop of mine. i can feel that it needs more energy by adding a 16th ride (or maybe hi hat or crash) loop since the top end isn't full enough yet, but i went through...
  10. small dynamic range in mixes (caused by low end) resulting in small LUFS values

    greez to all,

    first of all i wanna say hi and thank you for all the input i got from this forum over the years!

    i'm mixing for over 10 years and am quite happy with my mixes by now. i think...
  11. Producer looking for MCs to collaborate with: rapping on one of my beats


    I am a producer from Berlin who is looking for british MCs to rap on one of my beats. You can check my finished Hip Hop productions here (for reference):

    Don Goliath (german Hip Hop...
  12. good resource!

    good resource!
  13. yay!

  14. sounds good!

    sounds good!
  15. yea zip and backup to backup HD

    yea zip and backup to backup HD
  16. nice!

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