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  1. New Sounds Posted! N.W.A (Ice Cube, Mc Ren & Dr Dre) - Hello

    Happy new year to all Future Producers! As part of our weekly Remix series we present "N.W.A - Hello (Asterix Remix)"

    For this one we decided to play a little game. I was given one hour to ...
  2. "Gunnie Sanotchra - Snow (Produced By Asterix)"

    Being that we've just officially entered into winter and Christmas is right around the corner we decided this song was very fitting. "Gunnie Sanotchra - Snow (Produced by Asterix)" Enjoy!
  3. Thanks bro. I appreciate the support!

    Thanks bro. I appreciate the support!
  4. *New Music* "E-40, Juicy J & Ty$ - Chitty Bang"

    As part of our weekly remix series we proudly present. "E-40 ft. Juicy J & Ty$ - Chitty Bang (Asterix Remix)" This one is also part of a Beatstars & Native Instruments remix contest. We took a...
  5. *New Video* Serial Killers (B-Real, Demrick, Xzibit) - Wanted

    As part of our weekly remix series we proudly present. "Serial Killers (B-Real, Demrick, Xzibit) - Wanted" This one is also part a Beatstars & B-Real TV remix contest. We took a different...
  6. New Sounds Posted! Snoop Dogg - What's My Name

    In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Snoop's iconic album "Doggystyle" we present the Firehouse Remix of Snoop's Classic "What's My Name. Turn it up and let the bass hit!
  7. Great Posse Cut feat. Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss, Raekwon & Fat Joe - "John Blaze"

    Whats up People! Being that this is Thanksgiving week we wanted to do a "Thank God for the Posse Cut" remix. We unearth this little gem and proceeded to give it the Firehouse Treatment. Enjoy!
  8. (Previously unreleased) Eminem ft. B.O.B - Things Get Worse.

    With the release of the "Marshall Mathers 2" Lp we thought it was only fitting to put up a previously unreleased Eminem track this week. This one is called "Things Get Worse" and it Features. B.o.B ...
  9. New Sounds Posted! "Wu-Tang Clan - Da mystery of Chessboxin"

    To commemorate the 20 year anniversary of "Enter the 36 Chambers" we present this Firehouse Remix of the Wu-Tang Clans classic "Da Mystery of Chessboxin". We composed this beat with an MPC-2000XL...
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    New Sounds Posted! "Cassidy - A.M to P.M"

    As part of our weekly remix series we present "Cassidy - A.M to P.M (Asterix Remix) If you dig it please leave acomment or better yet share it. Enjoy!
  11. New Sounds Curren$y, Kendrick Lamar & Talib Kweli

    It's a new week and that means new sounds for your listening pleasure. Today we bring you Talib Kweli ft Curren$y & Kendrick Lamar - Push Thru (Asterix Remix) Enjoy!...
  12. John Legend ft. Ludacris - Tonight (Asterix Remix)

    Don't let Monday get you down, instead dedicate this new Firehouse remix to someone special. John Legend ft. Ludacris - Tonight (Asterix Remix)
  13. Roc Marciano - Scarface Ni**a (Asterix Remix)

    New remix for this week. This one teams up Roc Marciano with Firehouse Sound Labs and delivers a classic!
  14. The Game feat Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Jerimih - All That Lady (Asterix Remix)

    It's Monday and in usual fashion we present a new Remix for you listening pleasure. The Game ft Lil Wayne Big Sean & Jeremih- All That Lady (Asterix Remix) Enjoy!
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    Big L MVP Remix (Produced by Asterix)

    Here is another remix we put together. This time we took Big L's MVP and put together a track that compliments his laid back style. Enjoy.
  16. [New Audio] Big Pun – “You Ain’t A Killer (Asterix Remix)

    Los Angeles’ own Asterix continues to make his mark as a producer (As if his credits with MC Eiht, Planet Asia, Lil Srappy and Mistah F.A.B. weren’t enough) and showcases his skills with his own...
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    New Jay Z Remix! Check it out!!

    Here is a Firehouse Remix of Jay-Z's "Who You Wit" Let me know what you guys think.
  18. Yeah the static was on the drums that I sampled. ...

    Yeah the static was on the drums that I sampled. The vocals have a certain bit of grittiness to them as well since they came off of a record.
  19. Inspectah Deck - Forget Me Nots (Asterix Remix)

    Here is a remix we put together using Inspectah Deck's track - "Forget Me Not". We made a new beat and changed the tempo a bit. This track will be featured on the upcoming Firehouse Sound Labs...
  20. Making A Beat Using Native Instruments Maschine, iPhone and a portable turntable

    Here is another video breaking down the creative process of a sampled based beat using Native Instruments Maschine and Vinyl records. This time we've taken a small mobile set up including a portable...
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