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  1. new desktop/eurorack high end effects processor kickstarter is almost up

    worth sharing before the kickstarter closes... this thing is crazy.

    Producers know there is a reason the E520 kickstarter has more than doubled its goal... -
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    Arturia microfreak q and a live stream

    Last night I had a nice q and a live stream on the microfreak.
    Hope you enjoy.
  3. Here is a video of the behringer RD-808 in action

    So I have the only rd808 outside of behringer offices... Thought you might enjoy some real world sounds of it.
    More to come.
  4. Return from a long time forum member... with some cool support for sample heads.

    Hey guys,

    I've been a LONG time member here ... since 2004 ... this forum is where I met some of my best friends, and it helped me learn a ton of techniques etc. it Helped me through being a kid...
  5. Flux NAMM videos and new gear reviews peep

    Hey everyone just wanted to drop a link to my channel. Lots of gear reviews, tutorials, breaking news, and more.
    Here is a nice interview I did with the lead over at Arturia during NAMM for the new...
  6. New site will be opening soon from themaschinewarehouse creators

    Hey just thought I would drop in and let everyone know that over at we have been hard at work on some new products and an entirely new site.
    Right now we have a big sale...
  7. 35 eurorack module demo videos in one playlist for ya.

    Here is a Playlist of my Eurorack Module overview videos all together.

    Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Module Demos - YouTube
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    Mankato eurorack filter review
  9. New Drum VST out now Koncreete Drum VST from

    Hi all just wanted to announce the latest VST from us over at

    This is an ALL NEW VST with over 3500 new sounds in it.. a huge array of sound sources were used to create...
  10. Yeah I love the animodule stuff. all sounds...

    Yeah I love the animodule stuff. all sounds excellent too. I will have some videos up of his quad comparator soon :)
  11. New Eurorack Filter module called the SOB LM filter check the video

    Animodle SOB LM Analog Filter for Eurorack Modular synth - YouTube
  12. How to side chain and using the new scene looping in Maschine 2 (VIDEO)

    So I just posted a video shows how to side chain in Maschine 2.0 and on the Maschine studio controller , also I show the new scene looping. Maschine 2 Studio Sequencer update info and Side chaining...
  13. New Maschine Expansion treats Maschine like a true multisampler

    I have finally released my latest Maschine expansion on

    This one is called Maschinestrument Vol. 1
    It is basically a full on multisample synth library for Maschine. I turn...
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    exactly... though you can check my instagram...

    exactly... though you can check my instagram and website for some lil insights into it. I have been posting pictures and thoughts of mine up. over at
  15. Animodule Lil Monster VCO raw sound and Scope hand built VCO for Eurorack Animodule Lil Monster VCO Eurorack Module Analog Oscillator & Mixman attenuator mixer - YouTube

    Hope you enjoy. thought I would share how this bad ass...
  16. New maschine expansion "the stimulus pack"

    Hey everybody my latest maschine expansion pack is out (also works with other format samplers)
    This one is 16 groups including 8 melodic kits 6 drum kits and 2 multi fx groups.
    All 100% original...
  17. Free Classic drum breaks and maschine Multi FX groups

    ok so I am releasing a bit of Free drum kits and multi FX groups to get them just head over to Subscribe to our Free Newsletter! - Expanding the Creative mind
    sign up for the free...
  18. Maschine Expansion pack Dystopia (and understanding multi Fx groups in maschine)
  19. Using Multifx in Maschine and Dystopia Maschine expansion in depth video

    I did this to show what the Dystopia Maschine Expansion pack is all about. take a look. more info at
    Flux302 Dystopia Maschine Expansion Pack Expanding the Creative mind

  20. Dystopia Maschine Expansion pack is Half off till end of the month ($19.99)

    check out and sign up for the free newsletter at Http:// as well.

    Flux302 Dystopia Maschine Pack - Maschine Expansion For the Dystopian Future

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