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    Compression Explained In 3 Minutes!

    This video will explain what compression is and why we use it in 3 minutes. :)
  2. Indeed, definitely among the very best ones in...

    Indeed, definitely among the very best ones in this price range.
  3. Best Entry Level Studio Monitors? - Adam Audio T7V Review!

    This is a review of the Adam Audio T7V active nearfield entry level studio monitors.
  4. The Best Computer For Music Production - What's Needed And Why!

    This video will explain why music production (audio processing) is so demanding on your system. It will also show you what kind of computer you should go for in order to get the best performance for...
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    Instrument And Audio Tracks In FL Studio

    This tutorial will show you how to use the new instrument and audio tracks in FL Studio. This is a great workflow improvement that will enable better and faster organizing overall. It will permit you...
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    How To Mix Sub Bass

    This tutorial will show you how to mix and process sub bass. :)
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    How To Mix And Process Kicks

    This tutorial will show you how to mix and process kicks. A trance kick is shown in the example but the same processing techniques such as eq, compression etc applies to most other genres as well. It...
  8. How To Convert Audio To Midi Notes In FL Studio

    This video will show you how to convert an audio sample (wav, mp3 etc) into midi notes in the piano roll. This can be extremely useful if you have a vocal for example, and you're struggling to find...
  9. How To Convert Events Into Automation Clips In FL Studio

    Wish you could record parameters live directly into an automation clip? Well, unfortunately that's not possible in FL Studio. It will always be recorded as an event. Some people like events and some...
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    FL Studio 20.1 Preview (New Features)

    FL 20.1 will be released soon. Check out the new awesome functions in this early preview:

  11. How To Easily Find The Key (pitch) Of Any Sample In FL Studio

    This tutorial shows you how to easily find the key (pitch / note) of any sample in FL Studio within seconds. Samples usually sounds best when they are in the same key as your track, so knowing the...
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    Accusonus Beatformer - Review

    Here's a quick walkthrough / review of the Beatformer plugin from Accusonus. This is a very easy to use plugin that allows you to quickly shape & sculpt drums and drum loops. It's one of those...
  13. How To Control Many Things With One Automation Clip in FL Studio

    This short FL Studio tutorial will show you how to control several parameters at the same time, using just one automation clip.

  14. Significantly reduced CPU usage in newest version of FL Studio (20.0.4)!

    Image-Line just released a new update for FL Studio with optimized CPU performance. This review will take a look at the new features added in this version as well as compare the cpu performance in...
  15. The Importance of Mono (The Secret to a Fat and Tight Low End)

    This video will show you the importance of mono when mixing. A quick and simple trick that will help you get a tight and fat low end.
  16. Regroover: The Easy Way To Edit Drum Loops!

    This video will show you how to use Regroover. This is an incredible useful plugin that allows you to redesign loops, and extract bits and pieces from them etc. Just drag in a loop and it will...
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    How To Properly Prepare A Remix Pack

    This video will show you how to properly prepare a remix pack. This is something that most people get wrong, and will increase the chance that someone will actually want to remix your track.

  18. How To Sell Your Music Online With DistroKid (Online Stores and Streaming Platforms)

    This video will show you how to use DistroKid to release your own music to all the major online stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify. This way you can start making money on your music right...
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    FL Studio 20 Review

    Check out all the cool new features in FL Studio 20 :)
  20. How To Use Reference Tracks To Improve Your Mixing

    This tutorial will show you how to use the reference plugin from mastering the mix, which will help you get a much more professional sounding mix in the end! :)

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