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  1. Thanks! The kick was essentially your everyday...

    Thanks! The kick was essentially your everyday Vengeance pack kick with a multiband compressor and some EQ'ing to make it more punchy. I brought down some of the mid frequencies and cut off the lower...
  2. Thanks! Well I've used Soundcloud for years so...

    Thanks! Well I've used Soundcloud for years so it's really the only big platform I know of. I've been on Splice too but I don't think the reach is that big, but haven't been that long on Splice so I...
  3. Thanks!

  4. Progressive House track (Inspired by Deadmau5 & Armin van Buuren)

    Hi there,

    Here's me showcasing my latest track called "To The Fallen Ones" - as the title implies, it's inspired by Deadmau5's melodic side and some Armin van Buuren vibes as well.

    Feel free to...
  5. MARCH OF THE DEFEATED | Military Movie Soundtrack

    So recently I worked on a track that originated from a Progressive House beat. Very casual, nothing too special about it.
    Here's that clip:FALLING | New Track [Preview] by Tinem | Tinem Beatz | Free...
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    First of all, thanks for the criticism Second, I...

    First of all, thanks for the criticism
    Second, I know what you meant with the emptiness and randomness of the elements. I had a problem introducing the strings as the track already began with the...
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    Tropical / Latin House

    Hi there,

    I made a song a while ago and it started out as a melodic, sad piano with a subtle hip-hop beat in the background.

    When I re-made that song, I ended up making an ambient track where...
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    LAST OF US | Style Soundtrack

    Hi there,

    Just dropping this as I worked my way around the first draft of a second of mine I remade today.

    So, here's the link: Chapter 2 by Tinem | Tinem Beatz | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  9. Chris Brown / Tyga l Type Beat [INSTRUMENTAL] l TINEM BEATZ

    Hi there,

    Check out this beat I made a while ago. I stumbled upon it a few days ago and made some changes in the beat (kick, snare etc.)
    As you might realize when you hear it, it kinda resembles...
  10. Eminem Style Beat (Seduction / 25 to Life)

    A new beat I am currently working on. Just a sneak preview. Tell me what you think.

    - Tinem
  11. DRAKE Type Beat (No Tellin') Hard Hip-hop/Rap Instrumental


    Working on this new beat that was fully inspired by "No Tellin" from Drake.
    Show some love if you like it.

  12. Son Lux - Lost It To Trying (Hip-Hop Remix) l Paper Towns

    Hi there,

    So recently I've watched the movie "Paper Towns" and came across the scene where the protagonists driving through the city and this song came up. I absolutely loved it and imagined a...
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    Electro House/Dubstep drop - Snippet

    Hi there,

    Just passing by to post a snippet of a track I've been working on lately. Not posting the full song yet, however here's just the electro house/dubstep drop.
    Looking forward to your...
  14. AREA21 - Spaceships REMIX (FULL SONG) [Porter Robinson Drop Inspired]

    Hi there,

    At last I finished my remix of ''Spaceships'' by AREA21.
    As the title also says, the drop (especially the 2nd) was inspired by ''Fellow Feeling'' from Porter Robinson.

    Feedback is...
  15. AREA21 - Spaceships REMIX (Work in progress)

    Hey there!

    Just like the title says, I'm currently working on a remix of ''Spaceships'' by AREA21.
    I definitely hope you like it! Please hit me up with some feedback, it's always appreciated,
  16. The main melody is catchy and sounds promising....

    The main melody is catchy and sounds promising. The intro has some cool percussion and drums. I personally love the start of the break where it starts all quiet and goes slowly up driven by the...
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    Remix Contest. Need YOUR support!


    Please check out this remix I made of the Dutch anthem called ''Wilhelmus''
    It's a deep house remix a slight Oliver Heldens/Tchami touch to it. So I hope you like it!

  18. Big DEEP House/FUTURE House - SLAM! Kingsday

    Hi there once again,

    So there's was this remix contest for SLAM! Kingsday 2016. Now I'm not going to ask you to vote (at least not yet 'til the 15th of april, since you can't vote 'til that date)....
  19. MARTIN GARRIX - Now That I've Found You - Style Beat/Melody

    Hello again fellow Future Producers :)

    This time around I made a simple melody that resembles that Martin Garrix style.
    The melody got mostly inspired by an early version of ''Now That I've...
  20. Poll: Progressive house + Dubstep // DEADMAU5 Inspired Beat.

    Hi all. Please consider checking out this Progressive House / Dubstep beat inspired by Deadmau5.
    Feedback will be appreciated. Also, I'd be nice if you could fill in the poll so I could have a nice...
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