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  1. nah, I feel like I'm at a standstill when it...

    nah, I feel like I'm at a standstill when it comes to producing quality tracks. I have a lot of unfinished projects but that's about it.
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    Ableton Q: How to warp acapella?

    Big problem. Abletons auto-warp function is useless for acapella. Plus, i really want to learn how to warp so I can create remixes and tracks with vocals without actually needing to sing. Big ups for...
  3. Looking For locals to Collaborate and Learn from.

    If anyone is living in b.c., around north vancouver and would like to produce/learn from, give me pm. I am extremely dedicated and would be willing to travel a bit. I use ableton, and I know a bit...
  4. Smashing Pumpkins Piano Transcription...

    I was wondering if there is a person/program that can transcribe this guys: (Sounds Of Then..... - YouTube) smashing pumpkins covers. If anyone can transcribe these sp tracks, properly, Ill pay them...
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    Rock Music Solely Off Of DAW's

    I am wondering if anyone can direct me to either artists or learning material based around creating rock music intirely off of DAW's. I'm so into korn and the smashing pumpkins, It's only natural...
  6. thank you. Just a question though, have you...

    thank you.

    Just a question though, have you personally read those books or are they just recommendations?

    Because I want to sort of save my time and read the books that are really going to...
  7. Sound Design Question Regarding Detuning

    Why does detuning on a synth, specifically detuning one oscillator (slightly against another, produce a widening, warmer, audio effect? I was wondering what is the science/mechanisms behind that?
  8. Looking for moderate/advanced books on music production


    Sound Design



    Any books that are in-depth and explanatory are books that I'm looking for (or even websites). I'm very new in this type of field and I know...
  9. thx alot appreciate it. now time to decipher...

    thx alot appreciate it. now time to decipher...
  10. KRK Rokit 5, quarter inch jack (?), low sounding white noise/hiss sound

    title says it all. I have it running on an extension chord but I've switched it so that each one was running separate outlets and still had this problem.

    the white noise isn't crazy loud but it's...
  11. How to put certain sounds in foreground and background of mix

    sounds general and vague but it's a problem i'm running into. I'll have like 3 different melodies/instruments going off doing there own thing, and I'll want one in the background (like a lead sound...
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    Okay, thx for the responses so far. but in...

    Okay, thx for the responses so far.

    but in when i think of remixes I usually think of: the synth/melody/tune being manipulated/switched-with another instrument and then a going off of that......
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    How Do Professionals Remix Track?

    I'm heavy into production but I don't have a clue how to remix some of my fav songs. What is your style when it comes to workflow/structure of remixing a track? Especially, when it comes to...
  14. How to start practicing singing on your own?

    Any tips? I tried searching the forums for this topic, couldn't find it ( all i got was singing rappers...). Reason I'm interested is that I'm working around music so much, and the fact that I'm only...
  15. Any USEFUL videos of how to mix/master tracks on the web?

    I honestly dont know where to begin when it comes to getting high quality, distinct, crisp sounds in my instruments, when making a track. was just wondering if there were any videos that could help...
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    How do you guys determine what bpm to use?

    Simple question, tried to search for it but coudln't find it. How do you guys decide what bpm to have for your track? by ear, have a preset one at the beginning, or just have it at a standard that's...
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    Tips On Using Vocal FX

    I need help understanding how to get that 'epic' quality sound from using FX on vocals (stuff like reverb, delay, vocoder stuff). I understand that you have to have a good source quality and...
  18. Help With Mixing...Why do I get clipping and how to get sounds to 'sparkle'

    I have no clue where to start when it comes to mixing my track.

    I understand what eq's do (every sound in it's own space). I understand the the knobs for compression and a little bit about how to...
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    How much reverb should i be applying?

    I'm working somewhat with reverb and I was wondering what you guys normally use, 0-100% dry/wet, when applying reverb to your instruments?

    I've been told, also, that i should be applying reverb to...
  20. Tips on using a (midi) guitar instrument?

    I know a lot about scales + chords. I am however having trouble with melody writing/ making coherent chords (in a given scale) sound good together when using the 'guitar' instrument. Any tips on how...
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