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    FL Studio 12 and Reason 10

    I prefer sequencing and sampling via FL, but I like the soundbank and synths in Reason. I'm also not crazy about the idea of managing a project across 2 seperate programs. I was wondering if there...
  2. Chop on the drum hits.

    Chop on the drum hits.
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    Anybody used or have a Roland xv5050?

    Looking for a nice affordable sound module. These seem to go for about 200. Has all the 5080 sounds and some from the fantom.
  4. Is Trusty still around? Looking for those MV8000 sounds he was selling

    I checked his profile and it says he hasn't posted in a couple years. Anybody know where I can find him?
  5. Guitar center had it on clearance. I went ahead...

    Guitar center had it on clearance. I went ahead and bought it.
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    Looking for a Zoom Sampletrak

    Looking to buy a Zoom Sampletrak
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    Reason and acid pro 7 rewire

    I have reason 9 .I love the sounds modules and sound design possibilities, but Im not crazy about the way it handles sampling. I want to rewire into acid and do all my recording sample chopping and...
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    FL Studio 12 sampler question

    I just upgraded to 12. In previous versions I could pull a single bass, piano etc note and it would map across the keys to different notes. When I do it in 12 its on the keys but all the same note....
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    korg electribe 2 sampler owners

    Want a hardware sampler/sequencer to mess around with. samplebased beats mostly. How do you like it?
  10. Thread: tascam us-122l

    by feelhim

    tascam us-122l

    Does anybody still use this interface? I just need something to record samples from my dj setup to reaper, and get lower latency from my midi controller
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    shortcircuit or tx16wx

    Basically what I want to be able to do is chop like a bass or piano note etc from a sample and be able to play it on my mpd. Will either of these do this?
  12. Trying my hand at samplebased joints. check me out. feedback appreciated

    Im getting a midi keyboard this weekend then ill add basslines lol
  13. Sampled acoustic drum set that was on here a coulple years ago...

    Does anybody still have this? It was pretty popular on here. Somebodys gotta know what im talking about.
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    Ken Lewis Keyboard for beatmakers

    Does anybody have this? Do you think it will be a worthwhile investment for me to step my composing game up?
  15. I think I found exactly what I was looking for...

    I think I found exactly what I was looking for and more.TX16Wx Software Sampler
  16. Poll: I use them all the time. Chop em up and add my fx...

    I use them all the time. Chop em up and add my fx like I would any other sample. It's not like you're creating the sounds you sample off vinyl. I'm not talking about the dj mustard mike will type...
  17. Poise is the SHIT!!! Hands down my favorite vsti....

    Poise is the SHIT!!! Hands down my favorite vsti. You can midi map sample start end zoom and scroll super easy layering. I chop in reaper ctrl alt drag into poise.I like it better than maschine. I'll...
  18. vsti sampler that can mimic 16 level function

    I make my tracks in reaper, and I use poise as a drummachine/sample player. I really love poise and it has a pitch function but it sppeds the sample up. I want to be able to take a oneshot wav sample...
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    fl studio and reason rewired

    I'm rewiring reason into fl studio as a sound module basically. The problem I'm running into is when I load a combinator patch it's using up all my midi channels. Is there a way around this?
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    nice track@egokiller I was in guitar center...

    nice track@egokiller

    I was in guitar center today and seen that they had the korg microsampler marked down to 179. They didnt have one hooked up so i couldnt try it out, but it seems to be lke a...
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