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  1. Hello, I'm wondering where to get a good studio desk

    I'm looking for a good studio desk that has a shelf for an 88-key piano keyboard. I have a Roland JunoDS-88 right now. I need something that I suppose is about 5 feet across that will fit the...
  2. Recommendations for a 3 to 4 octave auxiliary keyboard?

    I have a full 88-key keyboard already and have been playing daily for two years. I just got a job that will allow me to basically sit around for 6 hours in the day and think it's the perfect...
  3. Ok, so now that I have 5 posts, I can post some...

    Ok, so now that I have 5 posts, I can post some links.

    Here is my 1-year piano progress video:


    And here is basically a meme I just made of my version of This Is America:

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    Emotions help...if you want to get really...

    Emotions help...if you want to get really creative...stress, drugs.
  5. Thanks for this. I signed up cuz of this.

    Thanks for this. I signed up cuz of this.
  6. I'm new here. Any suggestions on a DAW and good tutorial vids/YouTube channels?

    Sorry for the second topic, but my other intro topic was closed for some reason. Just wanted to continue the 'getting started' phase of my stay here at because I feel as though I...
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    I'm new here (and a keyboard question)

    Hello. I just signed up. I have no experience producing music, and tbh I think I'm going to wait a while before I venture into doing that because I'm trying to build a good foundation in...
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    Best software for sing along words?

    I will probably make a video in the somewhat distant future that will need sing along style words with like the little red dot or logo that moves with the words at the speed I want. Which software is...
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