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    Found Sound Electronic Music

    Hi! I'm a 19-year-old music producer from India currently based in Chicago. Recently, I started a personal project where I solely rely on found sounds and collaborate with traditional...
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    Indian Ambient Synthpop

    Hey guys! I'm a I9 year old music producer from India and here's my newest release, Chasing Fancies! Made a flash animation video for the song, Do tell me your thoughts! Also if you liked the song,...
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    Indian Ambient Synthpop

    Hey guys! I'm an Indian music producer and I've recently released my new single, Chasing Fancies. Would love some feedback on the structure, lyrics arrangement of the song and also the mix! What did...
  4. Train wreck - Indian Indie Electronic Music

    Hey Guys! Recorded something this New Years. Would really be grateful if you guys could give it a listen and tell me the good and the bad. Arrangement wise, Mix Wise, Anything. I think It'll go long...
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    Indian Indie Rock Song!

    Hey guys!

    Recently released this song of mine. I had a really fun time producing it and trying to make electronic music a bit more organic by capturing real world sounds. I would really be very...
  6. BLUES ROCK MIX! Would love for some feedback and advice!

    Tried experimenting with Blues Rock with my band this time. This is what we came up with. Would really love some feedback on the mix, arrangement and the entire overall performance of the song! It'll...
  7. My God. Thank you so so much! :D This has to be...

    My God. Thank you so so much! :D This has to be one of the best feedbacks I've ever received! I feel so very grateful that you could take the time to write all that! :D

    I just got stock logic...
  8. Indian Rock Song, Home Studio Mix, Feedback and advice wanted.

    Hey guys! So our band recently recorded this rock song in this minimal studio of mine. I don't have much. I used an Audiogram 6 audio interface which I...
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    Indian Rock Video! Abandoned Warehouse!
    ^ Hi guys! W're a rock band from India and we recently shot a music video with just a single camera and a few lights lying about in our home and an old...
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    Indian Rock!

    ^Hey guys! We are a rock band from India, And we would love some opinions or advice regarding our recently released song!
    Thankyou! :D
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    Wow! Cool concept! My band was looking for ideas...

    Wow! Cool concept! My band was looking for ideas to shoot unique and innovative music videos, This definitely is one! :D
  12. Good song! :D

    Good song! :D
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    Realistic MIDI Brass Sections?

    Hey, I'm making a score for a friend of mine, And I wanted to experiment with some brass and horns this time, But the thing is, Im entirely new to it. Should you tell me the instruments involved in a...
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    A Capella Music Production

    Hey guys!
    Im new here and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. :| So I've been interested in A Capella music for quite some time, and I recently decided to produce one. The results left much...
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